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  • 12/07/2015 22:03

    Recovery From Bunion Hammertoe Surgery

    Overview A hammer toe can be defined as a condition that causes your toe to bend downward instead of pointing forward. While it can occur on any toe on your foot, it usually affects the second or third toe. If your baby toe curls instead of buckling, it is also considered a hammer toe. There are...

  • 12/05/2015 22:59

    Flexible Hammertoes Treatment

    Overview Hammer toes most commonly affects the second toe on the foot. It causes the middle joint to bend. Hammertoe is most frequently caused by structural problems in the toe or from wearing poor fitting shoes. It is important to diagnose and treat hammertoe early because the condition tends to...

  • 11/24/2015 14:30

    Hammer Toes Explanation

    Overview Generally a hammertoe or mallet toe is caused by wearing high heels or shoes that are too small around the toe area, so it?s no surprise that it is mostly women who suffer from them. A Hammertoe has a bend in the middle joint of the toe whereas a mallet toe has a bend in the upper joint of...

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